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My intention is to use astrology and access to higher consciousness as tools to bring forth information, insights and energies to benefit my life and the lives of those who request through me, for the highest good of all.

My personal life intention is to embody my Soul's highest vibrational essence and to live from that heightened perspective. My desire is that through my work, I may assist others in accessing the higher perspective on their life's journey, and  support them in taking the next step in embodying their own Soul's highest essence.

Pam Younghans
lives in a log cabin outside of Seattle, Washington with her two dogs. She has been interpreting astrology charts for over 30 years, and has been reading charts professionally since the mid-1980s.

On this site you will find Pam's weekly "NorthPoint Journal," basic astrological information, recent articles, descriptions of NorthPoint Astrology services, testimonials from clients and subscribers, and some of Pam's favorite astrological and spiritual resources.


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Weekly astrological journal by Pam Younghans

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes her weekly NorthPoint Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights to assist you in making best use of current energies.

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal

March 23 to 29, 2015

Highlighted Aspects:

MON: Neptune sextile Venus; TUE: Chiron conjunct Mercury; WED: Saturn trine Sun; FRI: 1st Quarter Moon 12:42am PDT, Jupiter square Venus


IT'S ONLY BEEN TWO DAYS since Friday's powerful Solar Eclipse and only one day since the Equinox, so it's not surprising that we are still feeling the ripple effects of those events. As we mentioned last week, the eclipse carried important information to help us transition from the old to the new, and so we may be feeling a bit unsteady on our feet, almost as if we're learning to walk in new shoes.

Plus, we're now in that two-week period between eclipses, a time that usually feels somewhat other-worldly. It's a bit like our own version of Alice's journey into the Looking Glass, where everything seems mostly real, but somehow also unreal and at times perplexing.

THANKFULLY, the planets seem to be taking a bit of a breather this week, so we may also have some time to catch our breaths. A Neptune-Venus sextile on Monday eases us into the week, helping us dust off our rose-colored glasses so that we can view life more idealistically than usual.

Tuesday's Chiron-Mercury alignment highlights the role of our intuition in finding solutions. This alignment invites us to trust our inner knowing, and to heal the fears that keep us always looking outside of ourselves for answers.

SATURN trines the Sun on Wednesday, bringing stability and reason to situations that have felt out of control. There are only two stabilizing Saturn aspects in this period between the eclipses -- this trine to the Sun being one of them -- so we may want to take advantage of Wednesday's energies to handle practical affairs as needed.

Friday is the day of the First Quarter Moon, a particularly important event to watch when we're in between a Solar Eclipse/New Moon and a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon (on April 4). In general, a First Quarter Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in square aspect, challenges us to take the initiatives we've recently begun to the next level.

WITH THE MOON in Cancer for this phase of its cycle, we may feel more sensitive than usual. This is in contrast to the Sun in Aries, which may not take time to tend to emotional needs, preferring to keep going like the Energizer bunny until its batteries run out.

This particular First Quarter Moon seems to be reminding us to pay attention to our emotional needs, and be especially aware of when we've over-extended ourselves and really need some good self-nurturing time.

With that end in mind, it's helpful that we also have a Jupiter-Venus square on Friday. These two planets, even in challenging aspect with each other, have very little of what we might call "negative" influence. The strongest effect might be to increase our desire to only do what we want to do, rather than what we "should" do, or what the boss tells us needs to be done.

IN OTHER WORDS, if we can possibly take Friday off from work, sit in our favorite chair with a cup of hot cocoa and read a great book -- or do something else that feels nurturing and decadent -- the planets would support us in that activity.

We also need to be aware, however, that the Moon moves into position on Friday evening (PDT) to oppose Pluto and square Uranus. With the Moon acting as a "trigger" for the continuing effects of the Pluto-Uranus square, we may feel a renewed sense of urgency about taking the next step on our journey of change.

All the more reason to have rested up earlier in the day!

In peace,


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