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My intention through my work is to use astrology and my own connection to Higher Consciousness to bring forth information, insights and energies to benefit my life and the lives of those who request through me, for the Highest Good of all.

My life intention is to embody my Soul's highest vibrational Essence and to live from that heightened Perspective. My desire is that through my work, I may assist others in accessing the Higher Perspective on their life's journey, and  support them in taking the next step in embodying their own Soul's Highest Essence.

Pam Younghans
lives in a log cabin outside of Seattle, Washington with her two dogs. She has been interpreting astrology charts for over 30 years, and has been reading charts professionally since the mid-1980s.

On this site you will find Pam's weekly "NorthPoint Journal," basic astrological information, recent articles, descriptions of NorthPoint Astrology services, testimonials from clients and subscribers, and some of Pam's favorite astrological and spiritual resources.


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NorthPoint Journal

Weekly astrological journal by Pam Younghans

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes her weekly NorthPoint Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights to assist you in making best use of current energies.

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal

October 27 to November 2, 2014

Highlighted Aspects:

MON: Neptune trine Venus, Ceres enters Sagittarius; TUE: Neptune trine Sun; THU: Neptune trine Pallas Athene, Mercury conjunct North Node; FRI: Neptune sesquisquare Mercury; SAT: Jupiter sextile Mercury, Pluto sextile Venus, Neptune sextile Mars; SUN: Jupiter sesquisquare Mars


OCTOBER HAS BEEN, and continues to be, a very powerful month! On top of the astrological events we could foresee -- the eclipses and Mercury retrograde -- we now have heightened activity on the Sun as well. In the past three days, we've had three X-level solar flares, and so far today, another mid-range M-level flare.
Solar flares are explosions on the Sun, and are rated A, B, C, M or X, with X being the strongest. Within those letter designations, there are also levels of potency -- so an X-1 flare is at the low end of the X level, and the numbers go up from there.
In "real-world" terms, strong solar flares can affect electromagnetic fields on and around the Earth. Here's what reports about these three recent X-level flares:

    "There was an X2 on Oct 22, an X3 on Oct. 24, and an X1 on Oct 25. All three of these explosions produced strong HF radio blackouts over the dayside of Earth. In each case, communications were disturbed over a wide area for approximately one hour. Such blackouts may be noticed by amateur radio operators, aviators, and mariners."

FOR THE MOST PART, science has yet to be convinced that humans are affected by electromagnetic events. But, I would guess that most who are reading this journal are of the opinion that, like the Earth itself, we have electromagnetic fields (auras) around us. And, just like the Earth, we receive and react to fluctuations in the energy field.
So, when reports that HF radio signals were affected by the recent X flares, I think we can accept that part of our experience over the past few days has also been affected by those explosions of energy on the Sun.
TEACHER AND HEALER Jim Self writes this about the effect of solar flares upon us Earth beings:

  "As the charged particles pass through us, many things are happening in our emotional field, our thought/mental field and our physical body. Our DNA structure is expanding, and alterations are occurring in the way we receive and understand information, as well as how we experience and express ourselves. These light patterns are providing choice and realignment. Where we put our attention now is more critical than it ever has been before. If we focus on the external changes and challenges, the path of transformation will be far bumpier and less comfortable than if we cultivate allowing, rest and ease."

Is it any wonder many of us are on edge and/or exceptionally tired these days? There is a LOT going on energetically. Every energy wave requires us to make emotional, mental, and physical adjustments, on both consicous and unconscious levels.

WATERY NEPTUNE takes center stage this coming week, appearing nearly every day in our list of highlighted aspects. This is a very helpful influence as we assimilate the effects of last week's Solar Eclipse.
Neptune's lessons are always about Trust (yes, with a capital "T") and Unconditional Love. When Neptune is in flowing relationship with other planets, we seem to have greater access to those higher vibrational spiritual, creative and emotional aspects of our beings.

FOR THE FIRST HALF of the week, Neptune is fulfilling some of the spiritual/creative unfolding that was promised in last week's Solar Eclipse. The trine aspects that Neptune formed in the Solar Eclipse chart are exact on Monday (with Venus), on Tuesday (with the Sun), and on Thursday (with Pallas Athene).
That means that the beginning of this week is an especially fruitful time for us to access our creative muse, tap into the perspective of our high heart, and take that next step in our spiritual awareness and evolution.
THE OTHER Neptune aspects this week also support these developments, although there may be a small bump in the road on Friday, when our rational minds rebel against the other-worldly perspective that Neptune requires (Neptune sesquisquare Mercury). But by Saturday, we are feeling more fully in sync with that new perspective, and ready to take action based on the inspiration we receive (Neptune sextile Mars).
That forward progress is encouraged by the other planets, too. On Saturday, Jupiter and Mercury work together to excite us with new creative ideas, while Pluto works with Venus to encourage collaboration with others who share our passion. Even the Jupiter-Mars sesquisquare on Sunday, which is technically a somewhat challenging aspect, may only cause difficulty if we forget to check our egos at the door.



Photo: Last week's partial Solar Eclipse, as seen from Clear Lake City, Texas, USA (credit: Mike Fraietta, posted on